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Welcome to Random Kpop:))

What is Kpop?

Kpop, or Korean Pop, is a type of music genre that originates from Korea. Over the years, it has been evolving and gaining more influence and attention especially during the uprising of the “Hallyu Wave” and recent times, when BTS first gained their international status.

Kpop, like all types of music, connects people in more ways than one—connecting the idols to their fans, the composer to the audience, the fans to other fans…people from all walks of life, but all with the passion of Kpop.

Why listen to Kpop?

There are 101 reasons on why you should like Kpop, but here are some of the factors that I personally feel are the most decisive:

  • a variety of high quality, meaningful music
  • impressive aesthetics—ranging from the visuals of the idols, the highly fashionable clothes they wear, the beautiful settings of the music videos, as well as the cool choreography
  • the likable idols
  • a stress reliever, whether by listening to the music or supporting the idols themselves
  • it helps to relieve sadness
  • it’s a great topic to start a conversation!


Our plan (for world domination)

Currently, Random Kpop is more of a blog that covers basically, Kpop stuff. However, we are looking to develop into a community where anyone can just start a forum thread and even write a blog post here! (It will be just like friends sitting around with a cup of coffee and gossiping haha)

Do drop us a comment on any of our posts if you feel there is space for improvement or any recommendations on the topic our next post should be centered on. We will appreciate it if you give us any feedback as this is currently still a developing website and there is TONS of work that needs to be done.

We embrace the fact that different people have different opinions here, so you could always comment and give your opinion on the posts! If you wanted to discuss with us personally on Kpop, you can contact us via our email and we will give you a prompt reply. And if you think you can write better, you can also contact us and volunteer yourself:D